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The Sophisticated Brown Bag Lunch

It's Wednesday, officially the middle of the week! One thing that helps me conquer the later half of a crazy busy week is to tantalize my taste-buds. Yes I am still like a little kid waiting for that sweet treat after a job well done :). And yes during the week I would absolutely love to run to my fav restaurant for a hearty meal but realistically that is not a healthy ritual for my wallet or my waistline. But as always I am determined to have my…


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Late Night Munchies!

Saturday night Anthony and I returned home around midnight after a long day at Redlands Relay For Life. We had stopped for dinner and I had a glass of wine. Returning home still with a slight buzz I craved chips, crackers...anything snacky crunchy! I work pretty hard all week to keep my diet clean and don't I deserve a binge? Or is it that I work so hard all week and really should not destroy it in one night just to satisfy my taste buds? Do I really want the tummy ache in the…


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Ghetto Fab Crumble Granola



My all time favorite breakfast, snack, and even dessert is granola! However the store-bought stuff can be loaded with sugar or cost 'an arm and a leg' so I usually make my own. However with our current lack of a large oven my granola cravings have not been…


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Vegan Gluten Free Fajitas!

What's for dinner? It's Thursday almost the end of the week! I am usually zapped by the evening and cooking isn't really something I would truly like to do. This recipe is one of my ultimate go tos...simple, quick, full of flavor, packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and does not require any pre planning of meat.

Serves: 4 (Great for lunch the next day!)

Time: 20-30mins


  • 1 sliced red bell…

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The One Hot Plate Delimma

I have often run into this issue…only one burner but multiple needed for the fancy creation in my head. The trick?  Always cook the starch first and then the saucey veggies. Once cooking is complete place edibles into a Tupperware and into the micro for insulation.

This gluten free vegan pasta creation is one of our new favorites for our Sunday Italian nights! This recipe does take some time due to the single burner.…


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Black Bean Quinoa Goodness


I love Mexican food but hate the bloat I'm left with after. This weekend with the help of my picky taste buds I created this Black Bean Quinoa Goodness; high in fiber, protein and packed with an amazing nutritional punch!


Time: 30-40mins


  • 1 c cooked…

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The Toaster Oven, the Rice Cooker, and the Fancy Salmon

My absolute favorite way to make salmon is in the oven. Salmon is a delicate fish that needs some oven bakin’ TLC…not like most white fish or tuna which can just be seared.

Why I love this dish?

  • Super duper healthy
  • Easy
  • Takes about 25 minutes from fridge to plate

Serves: 2


  • Fresh fillet Atlantic Salmon
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1…

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Sunday night can meet some of us with sadness as we leave the weekend and progress into the hectic work week. So why not end a great weekend in a very delectable way?? This is probably my new fav tasty treat....move over DD Rees!

Why I love this??

  • Tastes sinful
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Mini size makes me not feel so…

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Juicy Buffalo Burger

Spring is in the air, the evenings are brighter longer, and the air is fresh and crisp. Dust off that winter-stored BBQ and get grillin'! BBQin is a great way to infuse meat and veggies with deliciousness and to allow fat to drip off the meat.


My new favorite protein source is the buffalo burger. Buffalo is very lean and high in protein! 4oz of buffalo weighs in at 126 calories, 19 calories from fat and 24.5 grams of protein!! Buffalo meat is also a great source of…


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Did you take your vitamins today?

Vitamins now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. We all know how important vitamins are for us because realistically sometimes our diet just doesn’t cut it. But truthfully how do we make the right choice? Other than the fancy logo, catchy slogan, or colorful packaging what makes one vitamin different from the next?

In 2008, multivitamins brought in $4.7 billion. There are no direct standards on vitamins so how do we know what we are paying for isn’t just some…


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Salmon Potato Mess

Salmon, a power protein, low in calories, transfat and saturated fat plus a taste that keeps you coming back for more!  Salmon is loaded with omega-3s, which promote a healthy heart, skin and joints.

Now when choosing your salmon be sure that is fresh ocean fish; not farmed fresh water to get the most nutrition and less chemicals.

Time: 35-40mins

Serves: 2


  • 1 ½ c chopped…

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Vegan Tacos....get your Macro On!

Vegan tacos full of flavor, fiber, and a good source of protein.  Plus a quick dinner idea when you don’t have meat protein in the…

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The Macro Diet!

Uh oh....another diet plan??  It’s February and I’m sure many of you have tried the latest diet crazes for your New Year’s Resolutions.  How are they going?  Have you gone on a binge yet?

Yes most diet’s do lead to weight loss, but also to weight gain as soon as you have access to normal food again.

The Macrobiotic Diet is not a diet but a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that is not only good for…

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Lindsley Allen interview

Lindsley Allen interview


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The truth about PE in public schools( Why a dance teachers should care and act)

How much PE will my first grader be getting ? A simple question I asked the principle of my children's school over three years ago. One might assume there is some permanent form of PE in the public elementary schools here in San Francisco...The truthful answer, not even close. The answer, when I got it about 3 months later...was "roughly 35 minutes once every 2 weeks. Here are just five of the responses I got from parents when I found this out.

1) That's impossible

2) That…


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The power of dance education in public schools.

Fellow Dancers,

An introduction to one's true self. Just finished my 15th year of teaching for San Francisco Ballet's, Dance in schools program and I am more passionate now about the value of teaching children than ever. Specifically in the art of dance outreach in the public schools. The smiles, the laughter the movement.

The best way I have yet to describe my job is that I "Help guild the students to a more empowered sense of self."

This week alone watching the smiles…


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Kevin Stea supports the next generation!

It's great to see that Kevin does not let personal career interests get in the way of supporting younger dancers.  For years, he's been actively involved with Dancers Alliance and   12 videos featuring the insights he has for newbies coming into the biz are posted on A4D's Smart Vids.  By the end of the week, you'll see some of them here. 

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