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Need I say more?

My three favorite things in the, friends, and the outdoors! This past weekend Anthony and I joined our landlord and some friends to celebrate a birthday at Malibu Wines, yes my fourth fav! ;) This place is a wonderful location for a picnic like this because of the great live music and gorgeous grounds!

We had a fabulous time and were about to enjoy some incredible bites! Each of the individuals whom joined us brought a dish from their unique culture. We savored: El Salvadorian Guac, Italian Crab Pesto Pasta Salad, Asian shrimp and beef spring rolls, Spanish Fruit Salad, European Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus, and our American Mixed Green Salad & Goat Chevre with Peach Red Chili Jam. Much better than any restaurant could offer!

This Goat Chevre is one of my favorite simple appetizers! Trader Joe's has this incredible three pack. Offering plain, red pepper, and fresh herb seasoned cheese. I enjoy paring these with some of Trader's Savory Rice Crackers! Place the cheeses out on a nice board. Top the plain with some spicy Peach Red Chili Jam (available at Whole Foods) and you have some deliciousness!

I also threw together a hearty green salad. A nice salad complete with spinach, arugula, red bell pepper, green onion, avocado, marinated artichoke hearts, cucumber, topped with a little goat feta and tossed with my homemade lemon vinaigrette dressing! Simple healthy, and delicious!

And who doesn't love ending the delicious chilly afternoon with a glass of wine by fire?? I love Malibu Wines. It is the perfect place for a great picnic!

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