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A few Saturdays ago Anthony and I woke up after a very enjoyable Friday night. One of those Friday nights when you got a little too caught up in the romance and exciting conversation and slightly overindulged on the Happy Hour Skinny Margaritas. Yes it happens to us too.

Some rules follow after a night like this. Rule number 1, keep loud noises to a minimum. Rule number 2, drink TONS of water. Rule number 3, get outside and move that butt for at least an hour (sweat it out!). Rule number 4, do not I repeat DO NOT forget the sunglasses!

After a quick google search we found our challenge, Fryman Canyon. Just enough to get the metabolism going and to break a good steady sweat but not overwhelming enough to make us sick.

Fryman Canyon is a short 3 miles loop in the Hollywood hills off Laurel Canyon Blvd. Parking is only a buck and worth the donation to the park.

The trail is a slight climb to start and has several side roads to explore. The trail is well maintained and has just the right balance of hikers. It is not nearly as crowded as Runyon! The views from Fryman are spectacular. Views that make you remember why you love to live in California!

Towards the top of the loop you will find a pretty neat educational center. This hike is great for the youngins! The Tree People have done a really good job with this community center. We enjoyed meandering around all the exhibits. (

As you make your way down the mountain and you will pop out into a residential area, a cul-de-sac at the end of Iredell Lane. And if you are like us you will enjoy a bit of the neat house browsing! Or you can backtrack your steps and repeat the trail.

To take the residential route take a right at Iredell Street and then a left to Fryman Road to return to the parking lot. We loved it so much we returned to the car and went for a soothing drive through the fancy houses!

To finish off such a wonderful refreshing hike we headed to Encino’s Nuts & Berries to fill up on healthy greens and fresh squeezed juice! I recommend the Green Machine and Ahh-Raw-Sh Salad.

By 3pm we were cured from the Friday night Happy Hour Damage. Keep this in mind for your Cinco De Mayo celebrations this weekend.

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